Coffee Maker Accessories

Coffee Cow carries a wide selection of coffee maker accessories to suit all the latest brewing systems and features available. Create a perfectly captivating cup by grinding your own beans with a single-serve coffee grinder in a compact design. You’ll want to stock up on refillable filters to reduce the number of K-Cup® Pods or capsules that end up in landfills. Keep all your coffee capsules, pods, and T Discs® within reach with the help of a storage carousel. Each coffee carousel we offer features a Lazy Susan base for 360-degree access, which is perfect for countertops or cabinets. We carry coffee pod storage drawers and baskets, too! Explore our selection of coffee maker accessories today.

Every coffee enthusiast knows that the secret to a great cup of coffee is a high-quality brewing system, but brewers must be cleaned and maintained. We offer a variety of cleaning solutions, descaling liquids or powders, and filters to keep your coffee maker in premium condition. Descaling liquid is a safe and easy way to descale your coffee maker at home or in the office. Over time, lime and calcium deposits can build up inside your brewer’s water tank. Non-toxic citric acids break down these deposits and rinse away without leaving any residue or odor. We recommend that you descale your brewing machine every three months for optimum performance.

Looking for a routine way to ensure your brewer is clean? Single brewer cleaning cups allow you to quickly and easily clean your Keurig® machine’s brewing chamber and exit needle. Simply insert the cleaning cup into your Keurig® brewer and run for two brew cycles. All ingredients used are biodegradable, odorless, and phosphate-free and it’s recommended that you clean your machine weekly. Alternatively, you can keep your brewer in optimum condition with water filter technology. A filter cartridge channels and disperses water evenly over the micro-mesh screen and uses activated charcoal to increase the life of your coffee maker.

We also supply a three-pack drawer kit so you can brew everything from plain hot water for instant soups, teas, and hot chocolates without commingling the flavors of coffee. If you have any questions about our selection of coffee maker accessories, feel free to contact a member of our team for additional information.

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