Coffee Descalers & Decalcifiers

Despite the popularity of coffee shops and cafés, coffee enthusiasts still primarily brew their java at home. Unfortunately, coffee makers are hot beds for bacteria and mold. Lime and calcium deposits can build up over time inside your brewer’s water reservoir and negatively affect the taste of your coffee. Improve the experience and taste of your coffee at home or the office by exploring our selection of coffee descalers. We conveniently offer descaling powders, liquids, and coffee machine cleaning cups to suit a variety of machines and brewers. Browse our assortment of coffee decalcifiers today. While shopping, remember to take advantage of our free shipping offer to select states for orders over $50! Stock up on all the pantry supplies and accessories you need to become an at-home barista in no time.

Coffee descalers in liquid and powder form will rinse away quickly without leaving any residue or odor in your water tank. We carry Urnex® descaling liquid that is phosphate-free and Kosher-certified. CleanCup™ is made of a non-toxic citric acid solution that breaks down deposits and mineral scales. This biodegradable cleaning solution is safe, easy, and designed for use in home coffee brewers, multi-use brewers, or Keurig®-style single-cup brewers. We would not recommend this product for use on aluminum equipment. For optimum performance, descale your coffee brewer every three months or as often as necessary. Dezcal™ descaling powder is also designed for use in home coffee brewers, espresso machines, single-cup machines, and kettles. Just add one packet per 32 ounces of water and begin the brew cycle.

Clean your brewing chamber and exit needle weekly with the help of cleaning cups for Keurig® brewers. These biodegradable cleaning cups are odorless and phosphate-free. They easily clean your Keurig® machine’s brewing chamber within two brew cycles, but they are not compatible with Keurig® 2.0 brewers. Have questions about our selection of coffee decalcifiers? Feel free to contact a Coffee Cow representative today for additional information or further assistance. Register an account online to start earning Cow BUCK$ for future purchases, learn about special offers, and make your next checkout even faster.

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