Pantry Supplies

In terms of essentials, CoffeeCow has you covered. We offer one of the largest selections of pantry supplies online, and our assortment is packed full of delicious beverages, coffee creamers, cups, descaling liquids, lids, sweeteners, and so much more. Whether you brew your own coffee at home or you own a coffee shop, there’s no better time to stock up on everything you need to brew great-tasting coffee than now. Best of all, enjoy two free shipping options when you spend $50 or more today! Shop from our selection to keep your pantry full of all the necessities.

Despite the ubiquity of coffee shops and cafés, coffee lovers still primarily brew their java at home. Unfortunately, coffee makers are hotbeds for bacteria and mold. Lime and calcium deposits can build up over time inside the water reservoir of your brewer, negatively affecting the overall taste of your coffee. Brew with confidence and improve the taste of your coffee by shopping from our selection of pantry supplies to find coffee descalers and cleaning supplies. Both descaling liquid and powder rinse away quickly without leaving any residue or odor. Do you own a Keurig® system? You can easily clean your brewing chamber and exit needle weekly with the help of cleaning cups.

Looking for easy-to-open flip-top canisters with single-teaspoon sugar servings for your coffee station? Look no further than our selection of pantry supplies to find low-calorie sweeteners and alternatives that many customers prefer. Splenda® contains sucralose, which is derived from real sugar but has a minimal impact on your diet. Each one-gram packet contains the equivalent of two teaspoons of regular sugar. Equal® sweetener packets will satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt or extra calories. Each one-gram packet contains the equivalent of two teaspoons of regular sugar, but it is also Kosher-certified. Sweet’n Low® serves as a suitable sugar alternative for diabetics.

Most of your patrons expect their artisanal cappuccinos, espressos, lattes, macchiatos, or chai teas to be served in premium coffee cups. We provide an array of coffee cup styles to suit your every need, as well as filters, lids, stirrers, straws, and much more. Give your guests or customers a variety of flavors to choose from by visiting our selection of coffee creamers made by Coffee-Mate®, International Delight®, and other beloved brands. If you have any questions about our selection, please call, email, or complete our online form for additional information.

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