Soft Pod Coffee Makers

Even if you live off the grid, it’s hard to deny that the way we drink coffee is changing. Consumers crave a smaller, concentrated serving of coffee, and who are we to disappoint them? As one of the leading coffee suppliers in the country, our goal is to provide the finest coffees, teas, and pantry supplies so you can save time and money in the long run. Starting your morning with a captivating cup of coffee is easier than ever before, but you need the right brewing system or coffee maker to get you there. We proudly carry a selection of soft pod coffee makers in an array of styles to suit your unique kitchen space or single-serve needs. In addition to coffee makers, we also carry cup drawer kits with stainless steel accents so you can upgrade your brewer to accommodate aftermarket K-Cup® pods. Once you found the coffee maker of your dreams, browse our inventory to stock up on all your favorite flavors or give into something new, bold, and refreshing.

Our soft pod coffee makers selection includes several of the latest models. With the My Café® Single Cup multi-use brewer, you are free to brew, steep, or dispense just about anything. Using one of the four interchangeable drawers of the Bunn-O-Matic My Café® MCU coffee maker, you can use any K-Cup® pods, ground coffee, soft pods, or tea bags to produce the perfect cup to start your morning in under a minute. It uses cutting-edge pulse brew technology to extract more flavor from each cup of coffee. To enhance the flavor extraction, this coffee maker uses a jet action spray head that pre-soaks your coffee to ensure even water disbursement while brewing. The varied cup sizes range from four ounces to 14 ounces, so you can fill a standard coffee cup or a travel mug.

Each of our soft pod coffee makers can dispense hot water, making them the perfect solution for offices, convenience stores, waiting rooms, or communal spaces. Our cup drawer cartridge adapters are an excellent choice for anyone that wants to brew instant soups, teas, cocoas, or hot chocolates without commingling the flavors of coffee. We carry single and triple packs that are completely compatible with the My Café® MCU coffee maker. If you have any questions about our coffee maker selection or need help finding the right brewing system for your needs, please contact a member of the Coffee Cow team today for further assistance.

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