At-home brewing can be a transformative experience when it comes to your morning routine. Despite the ubiquity of name-brand coffee chains, the majority of coffee drinkers enjoy making coffee in the comfort of their own homes. If this sounds like you, the process of finding the right coffee maker for your needs can certainly seem daunting. We’ve made your journey a little easier by collecting all the lucrative specifications on some of the best coffee makers available. There’s an option for every type of brewing style you can imagine: drip, pods, espresso, and so much more. Save yourself some time, energy, and a little bit of sanity by joining us to discover the best coffee makers on the market. Start your journey as an at-home barista with your best foot forward and the best brewer in your kitchen.

Best Drip Coffee Makers

Combining craftsmanship with aesthetics, manufacturers harness heating technology to dispense piping hot coffee within seconds. Drip coffee differs from espresso in that there’s leeway to create complex flavors and aromas using any combination of coffee beans. Espresso requires beans of three or more origins to achieve a tantalizing blend, but the caffeine content usually suffers and the body isn’t as light as a cup of drip coffee. Let’s take a closer look at some of the finest drip coffee makers within your budget.

Chefman® My Barista Coffeemaker

Any coffee drinker can appreciate a brewer that begins dispensing within six seconds from pressing the brew button. My Barista™ coffee maker by Chefman® is certainly one of the fastest single cup brewing systems on the market. Each machine comes with a reusable mesh filter and cartridge that accommodates either ground coffee or K-Cup® Pods. What many consumers love about this brewer are the removable water tank and the non-stick warming plate. Descaling, cleaning, and transporting are easier than ever before. The compact design takes up less counter space, or you can simply store it within the cabinet for later use.

Bunn® My Café® Single Cup Multi-Use Brewer

Feel free to brew, steep, or dispense just about anything with the My Café® multi-use brewer by Bunn®. Using any of the four interchangeable drawers, you can brew K-Cup® pods, ground coffee, soft coffee pods, or tea bags to fill 4 – 14 ounces of any coffee cup or travel mug. Not in the mood for coffee? You can just dispense hot water to create gourmet hot chocolates or cappuccinos from an instant mix. Flavor extraction is at its finest, thanks to the jet action spray head that pre-soaks the coffee to ensure even water disbursement.

Best Soft Pod Coffee Makers

The wild world of single-serve coffee has grown to encompass many products. Soft pods are one of the most popular examples, and they allow you to brew a perfectly balanced cup every time. Soft pod coffee makers vary in size, so you can choose the right solution to suit your kitchen or office break room.

Bloomfield® POD1 Single Pod Brewer

The POD1 brewer by Bloomfield® is the perfect solution for saving on valuable counter space. Offices, small kitchens, and work stations will love the handy water level indicator, stainless steel drip tray, and automatic power-off. The reservoir may be set for only one cup at a time, but the small design can fit into any space with ease and cleaning is easy. This coffee maker can only accommodate 61-milliliter pods, but it can accommodate travel mugs or disposable cups.

SunCana® Single Cup POD Brewer H701B-120V

Looking for convenience and a variety of choices? Look no further than the POD brewer by SunCana®. With a patented extraction brewing process, each cup of coffee brews at approximately three bars of pressure – roughly halfway between coffee and espresso for a fuller body and smoother taste. This system can fit a large variety of coffee pods, and the instant hot water option is ideal for teas, hot cocoas, cups of soup, instant oatmeal, and so much more.

Best K-Cup® Coffee Makers

Our compilation of the best coffee makers on the market wouldn’t be complete without Keurig® brewing technology. Coffee K-Cups® are taking the world by storm with spellbinding complexity, bold flavors, and the ideal intensity to set the tone for your entire day. Their brewing systems are just right for residential or commercial use.

Keurig® OfficePRO® K145 Brewing System

The OfficePRO® K145 coffee maker is dependable and built to last. This system brews all the traditional K-Cup® pods for coffee, tea, and hot cocoa, but it also supports the iced K-Cup® drinks as well. Moreover, this coffee maker has a handy Auto-Off function that turns the coffee maker off after two hours of non-use. This energy-saving feature can help you keep operational costs low.

Keurig® OfficePro® K155 Brewing System

While the K145 coffee maker brews traditional K-Cup® pods, the OfficePro® K155 brewing system easily handles the newer Keurig 2.0 K-Cup® pods as well as the original Keurig K-Cup® packs. This coffee maker features a full-color LCD screen that is touch sensitive. It supports menu languages in English, Spanish, and French. Enjoy four cup sizes from 4 – 10 ounces. Best of all, the Quiet Brew® technology won’t disrupt meetings or the daily grind filled with paperwork.

Best Espresso Makers

Achieve an authentic espresso with the right espresso maker. While choosing, you’ll want to consider your desired ease of operation as well as the amount of counter space you’re willing to allocate. Espresso machines typically cost more than traditional coffee makers, but they come with sophisticated features and automatic functions that make brewing artisanal beverages fun and easy.

Nescafé® Dolce Gusto® Genio Plus

The Dolce Gusto® by Nescafé® will surely make you a barista in no time. This automatic single serve coffee and espresso maker uses a 15-bar pump and a 22-ounce reservoir to produce the 217.5 PSI of water pressure required to brew a real espresso, cappuccino, or latte. This cutting-edge machine is ultra-quiet and comes with a 2-year limited manufacturer warranty. Best of all, capsules cut down on mess when making hot or iced beverages.

Lavazza® Single-Serve Espresso Machine LB2312

Unlike many of the coffee makers in our review, the Lavazza LB2312 single-serve espresso machine by Lavazza® is designed to use only Lavazza’s BLUE capsules. This espresso maker brews delicious drinks that are visually enticing and filled with flavor and aroma. The compact design fits nicely in cramped kitchens, lobbies, waiting rooms, or conference rooms, but it can also meet the demands of concession stands, cafés, bistros, and small restaurants.

Mixpresso® “Gabriella” and “Francesco”

Mixpresso’s Gabriella and Francesco espresso stations come with built-in LED lighting, minimalistic styling, and a 0.8-liter water reservoir with a see-through design. Cup sizes range from classic to tall, so you can brew the perfect amount of java to tackle anything in your way. You are free to use authentic Nespresso® capsules or Mixpresso® signature capsules.

The decision to buy a coffee maker is a big one. It’s always best to choose a brewer that can accommodate the type of coffee product or method you use most often. CoffeeCow carries a wide selection of the best coffee makers on the market. If you have any questions about this buying guide or would like help finding the right brewing system for your needs, please feel free to contact a member of our team for further assistance.