When anyone thinks of a fine European-style coffee, the name Melitta® most likely comes to mind. Beginning in 1908, Melitta® designed the precursor to all modern pour-over and drip coffee brewing. Since then, they have taken the world by storm by mixing coffees from various countries with one another to achieve consistent quality from premium beans. CoffeeCow answers some of the most frequently asked questions about Melitta® coffee pods:


Q: Where is Melitta® coffee grown?

A: Melitta® sources premium coffee from around the globe, but most coffee beans are indigenous to tropical and subtropical climates in countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Kenya. Arabica plants thrive in volcanic soil and are very delicate. These gourmet coffee beans require an adequate supply of essential minerals and elements, including temperature, humidity, shade, drainage, and orientation of slope.


Q: What are Melitta® coffee pods?

A: Melitta® pods are individually packaged portions of freshly ground gourmet coffee or tea. Each pod design guarantees a perfect serving every time without any mess or cleanup required. Each coffee multipack provides up to 18 individually wrapped pods to make brewing easy at home or at the office.


Q: How do Melitta’s coffee pods work?

A: Ready to enjoy fresh, hot coffee in under a minute? Just place your Melitta® coffee pod into your compatible brewing system, press the brew button, and let your coffee maker do the rest. Some of their latest pods are completely compostable, so you can enjoy single-serve convenience without all the waste.


Q: What brewing systems are compatible with Melitta® pods?

A: Each hard pod contains approximately nine grams of coffee or tea, so you can choose to use the original Melitta® One or any standard pod brewing system that can hold up to 10-gram pods.


Q: Why choose Melitta® coffee pods?

A: Brewing better coffee can revolutionize the way you start your day. Coffee pods by Melitta® are available in light, medium, or dark roasts as well as caffeinated and decaffeinated options. Best of all, each pod is Kosher-certified.