Wouldn’t it be nice to brew a fresh cup of coffee at home or at work without sacrificing taste and quality? Luckily, anything is possible with single-serve technology. Keurig® became an overnight sensation in the beverage industry because their smart brewing systems begin dispensing piping hot water in under a minute. With just the press of a button, you can create café-style beverages in the comfort of your own home. Plus, single-serve coffee allows you to save time and energy spent dashing to the drive-through. All you need is the tool of the trade: a Keurig® coffee machine designed for home or office use. Learn more about Keurig® coffee systems by reading our comparison.

Two of the most popular Keurig® coffee makers on the market include the OfficePRO® K145 brewing system and the K155 OfficePro® premier brewing system. Although both brewing systems offer tremendous benefits, there are a few differences between them that might make your search for the right coffee maker even easier. The OfficePRO® K145 brewing system boasts a 48-ounce water reservoir, which is perfect for small offices of up to 15 employees or waiting rooms. This coffee maker supports cup sizes of six, eight, and ten ounces. Better yet, this model does not require a plumbed water line.

The K155 OfficePro® premier brewing system is designed for light commercial and household use. This state-of-the-art system features a 90-ounce water reservoir, which can help reduce trips for refills. Unlike the OfficePRO® K145 brewing system, this coffee brewer features a full-color LCD screen that is touch-sensitive as well as programmable power settings that will save you money and reduce wear and tear in the long run. Another advantage to the K155 model is that it comes with Quiet Brew® technology, so your new coffee maker won’t disrupt any phone calls, meetings, or days when you just need some peace and quiet.

Keurig® coffee systems are compatible with most pods on the market, but you should always consult your instruction manual before attempting to brew coffee from a capsule or disc made by another manufacturer. Ultimately, the decision between the two Keurig® machines is entirely up to you. Keurig® brewing systems offer all the quality and flavor of gourmet coffee brewed by a barista. If you have any questions about this buying guide or Keurig® coffee systems, please contact CoffeeCow today for additional information or further assistance.